Monday, 16 April 2012

How to Increase Web Traffic To Visit

There are many ways to increase traffic to visit your blog / website so I can go to the main page in search engines especially in Google . Usually google to update pagerank every 3 months, last update november 2011. To update the time in January 2012 estimated that around January 30 to February 2 (from various sources). Therefore, within 3 months must be diligent news updates to increase visitor traffic to your blog / website you can go to the main page of a google search list. Some ways to increase traffic is:
  1. Frequent news updates
  2. Mutual exchange links with other blogs.
  3. Commented on the blog the other
  4. Submit your blog to web directories and social bookmarking
  5. Wearing a MLM system
  6. Buy a link from another site
  7. Advertise for free
  8. Paid advertisements
  9. sharing on social networking sites (such as facebook , twitter , youtube , etc.)
  10. Connecting link between pages / articles
  11. and much more.
If the way I like it that the above (except for paid advertising pairs). What about you? :)