Saturday, 28 January 2012

How to make money online by building such niche websites?

You create streams of income from the visitors who visit your site.  Google Adsense is a program that is popular among webmasters who want to profit from content on their website through displaying relevant ads on it.  You get paid every time a visitor clicks on an ad.
Another way to make money online is by selling products and services that meet the needs and desires of your audience.  This is where you benefit from a deep understanding of your market’s needs and a powerful keyword research tool like Market Samurai.  Whether you want to make money blogging or build a standalone niche website and attract traffic to it, Market Samurai will be of help.  It is one of the best search engine focused keyword research tools on the market today, and taps into Google’s vast database of keywords while adding information about the level of competition for them on search engines.  If you’re wondering how to make money online, Market Samurai will throw up a vast array of profitable niches to explore.
Market Samurai can also dig out long tail keyword phrases that are easier to rank for, bringing more web traffic to your niche websites.  While you can glean the same information from running multiple searches on the free Google Adwords tool, Market Samurai will save you a lot of time and effort by providing this information at the click of a button.  That’s why Market Samurai has glowing reviews from almost everyone who has tried it, with no hint of a scam or over-hyped promise tainting its stellar reputation.
Any serious Internet marketer who wants to build high ranking websites cannot afford to ignore keyword research.  Instead of wasting money on domain names that sound cool, you’ll pick ones that are optimized for your best keywords.  Rather than creating content that doesn’t appeal to your audience, you’ll know exactly which keywords are most popular and can optimize your page to rank well on search results for them.  This attracts relevant and interested visitors with a higher conversion of traffic into sales.  That’s how to make money online without working hard or wasting time on unimportant details (!)
When using Market Samurai for your research, you can couple it with a popular technique called the ‘Google Sniper‘.  This is a strategy for building niche websites with laser focus that sell various affiliate products to a targeted audience.  ‘Google Sniper’ is the brainchild of a teenager named George Brown, and lets you concentrate your marketing efforts on a small group of powerful keywords that bring the most profitable visitors to your website.
At the root of this strategy lies better insight into what your market wants, so that you can provide value and generate higher profits.  It’s the secret behind how you can achieve 20% sales conversion while others struggle to get 2% conversions.  That is the importance of knowing how your market thinks.  The SOSTAC marketing planning template can help you work on this element of your business.
If you are excited at the idea of building tiny niche-focused mini-websites that bring in passive income over the long term, then take Market Samurai on a free trial and uncover some niches to explore and dominate.  Your risk of failing is small, while the opportunity to make money online is high.  And while I do get paid a referral commission if you order Market Samurai through this link, it’s not the reason why I’m recommending it to you.  My sincere desire is that you harness the power of the research tool and mix it in with insights into psychology and Web economics (‘psychonomics’) and benefit from the combination of strategy, business and technology to make money online.