Saturday, 8 October 2011

The domain name gold rush

The good ones are taken. Is the really good ones. But they are not always taken.
Domain name often return to the market. Even before they do, prospectors by the domains under them for gold they are domain name views.
Why domain names are available again
Thousands of domain name run every day. Other domains are offered for sale. The reasons are manifold:
Peace of mind
The Web master forgets to renew the domain by the expiry of date.
The e-Mail address, the domain is registered, is not valid, and not the extension notes get the domain name registrant.
-Lack of need or Fund
-The company that had registered the domain goes out of business.
-The site owner loses interest or not time for the site.
-The site owner does not finance continue to the website venture.
-The domain name registrant registers many domains on speculation and could not continue to make renewal unused domains.
-The domain name registrant can see how much a domain is worth and decide to sell it.
-The domain name registrant can have registered because of the potential value, with the aim to sell the domain later.
What makes a previously registered domain name valuable?
In July 2005 the domain name for $750,000, the highest value domain name sales this year sold. Why would somebody numbers so much for a domain if she could register a new domain for under $10?
-Instant traffic
If the domain name already on a website, search engines have indexed already name this domain. Other sites have probably still links to that domain. If the domain in directories is listed, bring these links in even more traffic. Registering you the domain, and links always incoming work already for you is been.
Surf value
Sometimes web surfers search by entering generic followed by dot com (or other extensions) in the browser, such as This particular domain name is on the site for a company that sells pet products and services. A domain name as follows constantly brings visitors of the site without the cost and the cost of advertising and marketing.
To remember-Leicht
You may not be memorable, but domains are your company name as and People are more likely to return a site or to their friends on the name passed, if they can easily remember it.
How to find domain expiry
You decide to join the gold rush for valuable pre-registered domains. Expiring domains is the first step, but you must also domains research that come back on the market.
Lists of domain expiry
To these Web sites, among other things can you search for domains with keywords that you enter. contain domains, the results of the soon to expire, are put on hold, currently available in the redemption grace period (RGP) or for sale by their registrants. Search for extensions: .com, .NET, and. org.
The database searches .com, .NET .org,. Info and .biz extensions for domains that are available for sale or expiring.
Domain research
You can find (but not all) some inbound links to a domain by entering of "link: SiteURL" (replace "SiteURL" with the domain name) in Google or Yahoo. If you follow to find the links to see what types of sites to the domain link. How would you feel, moreover, that these particular websites link to your website?
Also look into all possible problems relating to the domain. Search engines can have forbidden to the domain when the previous site of controversial search engine optimization techniques used, such as had the use of hidden text or links. Check the history of the site on a domain name via the Wayback Machine. If the domain previously referred to a website with gambling, adult content, or a lot of affiliate links, or if there questionable search engine optimization techniques, search engines can used the domain banned. Apart from the possibility of a domain forbidden should not inbound links from websites, associated with these types of content.
How: register domains to delete
She have a domain that you chose. How to maximize your chances of it?
At's you can Club drop domains offer on expiring .com and .net on the day before they are available to the public. You can also notify when domains are your search criteria available.
The name winner system places bids on .com, .NET, .org, and .info domains for you. It offers only as high as your highest bid of up to maximum bid position must be to keep.
How to profit from your domains
Sale of domains
You have a domain that can be valuable and that you use should to sell at a domain auction. If you already have a buyer for a domain, you can transfer it safely by
-Paid parking for domains
With paid domain parking programs, also known as "domain monetization" or "Money earn domains" you can earn pay-per-click revenue through targeted advertising. These sites offer monetization domain services:
Domain sponsor
-Quick Park
-Spa domain
-Google AdSense for domains
With the right know you have a chance, timing and a little luck, a domain to beat name prospector, pay dirt.