Sunday, 21 August 2011

Top 10 social networking website designs

There are social networking sites for use over the Internet since the mid-90's, but it is only recently that social networking sites in almost all age groups have become extremely popular. This is extremely because of Web 2.0 technology, the use of social networking sites so much fun and easy made. Social networking site design technology has in leaps and bounds ahead was.
The increase in the popularity of social networking websites have it like this and since sprout mushrooms made. More and more developers to create new social networking sites, which is something to the next big thing in the social network industry - and that is easy to reach, that there many social networking sites on the market already, which is not.
Here is a list of the top 10 best social network connection website the world:

Digg - this is a social-networking site that allows you to share users and search anywhere for content on the Internet. Digg I think is the best social networking site, the ever designed.

MySpace - this was launched in 2003, and in just a few years, it has become the most popular social-networking website for teenagers and even adults. Videos to share music and blogs through its network may also users, images, apart from an interactive profile.

Facebook - this was originally designed to Harvard, but in 2006, it was publicly opened for use. Since then, Facebook has become a very popular social-networking site even among experts. Although it is much like MySpace, you can default applications such as a chat add Facebook widget or mini-games to your profile.

YouTube - what was primarily a video sharing website, YouTube is a great social networking sensation now. Apart from only videos view, users can now create networks and subscribe to a user and their latest video-upload updated.

Orkut - Orkut is an online social community by Google and named after its creator. Yes, even Google in the social network design game is! Similar to how most social-networking sites, Orkut you can send messages to friends, share photos and videos. It also has a Srapbook and communities, where a community of its own independent topic, he likes to create. This is the most popular social networking website and Brazil.

Hi5 - Hi5 was one in 2007, the top 25 most visited sites on the Internet. It is a fast growing social networking site, and much like the rest, Hi5 features also an interactive profile, photo-sharing, and it also allows users to join different groups and communities in accordance with their interests.

Flickr - also an online community is one of the earliest Web 2.0 applications, Flickr, apart from the fact that an image and video hosting website. Flickr is a very popular image sharing site, and it also allows user to vote for their favorite photos. Photos can either show only on private, meaning to be set, only your contacts to your photos, or you can save public also.

Friendster - this was launched in 2002 in life. A year earlier as MySpace and so it is called that Friendster is the source of inspiration of the former. Friendster 'Circle of Friends' theory and shows connection paths based on which helps users view people on your network, where she could actually know but have not with still interagierte. Majority of its members are from Asia, and indeed it is the 2nd most most viewed Web site in the Philippines.

Twitter - it's a who's fastest-growing site today applications. This can also act as a social networking site and a micro blogging service that allows users to send updates, or better known as "Tweets" through its network in a text-based contribution of only 140 characters long.

Bebo - founded in 2005, this social networking site can be used in many different countries. It allows users to create profiles, friends lists, develop and join networks. Profiles of feature tests, you can have your friends who take, video uploads and video links from YouTube.